Mobile Radial Placer

The cheapest way to place concrete and granular material.
The Mobile Radial Placer can place concrete faster and at greater volume than any other equipment with no restriction on mix. In addition, the same conveyor can be used to place granular material (gravel, clay and backfill). On any job it can reach 35 feet up or 60 feet beyond the charging hopper.

Lower equipment cost.
One half to one fifth the cost of a pump of comparable capacity. One tenth the cost of a crane and bucket of comparable capacity.

Fewer men required.
Anyone who can operate a car can run a Mobile Radial Placer. On many jobs, no other men are needed. If you are spreading concrete, you will also need and man at the end of the chute of tremie.

Lower maintenance.
Maintenance and repair, parts and labor, is less tan 5% of the cost of the machine per year.

Lower operating costs.
Highly efficient utilization of power keeps fuel costs low in comparison with pumps or cranes.

Availability for work averages 98%. Average useful life is 10 years when properly maintained.




"Your Portable CONVEYOR specialist"

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