FBR Series Conveyor

Benefits of the Insulated Fiberglass Roofing Conveyor
1.   All Fiberglass Frame: This greatly reduces the risk of accidental electrocutions.

2.   Lighter in Weight: The FBR conveyor weighs less than the metal conveyors. This reduces the stress and pressure in the turntable and the truck bed area which in turn gives a longer life to the equipment.

3.   Structurally Strong and Durable: Structurally the FBR conveyor is more flexible and forgiving that the metal conveyor. This conveyor will "spring back" upon impact in some cases, where metal boom may dent or bend under the same situation

4.   Special Non-Conductive Belts: The belt on the FBR conveyor is a special PVC belt which is made of a non-conductive material. This non-conductive belt is extremely important to have on this conveyor in order to help insulate the conveyor. (NOTE: Standard rubber belts are very conductive and should never be used on the FBR-Series fiberglass conveyor.)

5.   Special Non-Conductive Hydraulic lines: The orange colored hydraulic lines that run up and down the length of the FBR conveyor are made of a special non-conductive material. These lines, like the belt, help insulate the conveyor. (NOTE: Metal or wire braided hydraulic lines should never be used with the FBR conveyor because they are very conductive.)

6.   No Welding Required for Assembly or Repair: The FBR conveyor is assembled using different types of fasteners. There is no welding done on this conveyor except for some of the parts that are used . This makes the assembly and disassembly easier and less expensive for repair.

7.   No Rust of Metal Fatigue: Fiberglass doesn't rust. This greatly reduces the cost and time involved in the repair and replacing of the conveyor frame. Also, rust will cause metal to fatigue and deteriorate with will weaken over time. Fiberglass help eliminate this problem.

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FBR Conveyor Specifications

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