D & SD Series Conveyor


The D & SD series conveyors are extra versatile and are used in many different applications such as, excavation (sand, gravel, cement), agricultural (fertilizer, grains, chemicals), mining (dirt, coal, gold) and any type of material handling imaginable.

D-Series Conveyor

The D-Series
(UN-CLEATED) concave trough conveyor
features a 16'' wide belt and is very similar to the SD-Series in width and frame structure and does the same work, but at a less inclined angle. It can handle wet products (excluding clay) better as the belt can be wiped clean due to the missing cleats. ( Tow dolly available for rental on 36' model D Conveyor.)

SD Series Conveyor

The SD-Series (CLEATED) concave trough conveyor features a 16'' wide belt with up to 1-1/2'' high Chevron 'V' cleats. It is very similar to the D-Series in width and frame structure and does the same work, but can be run at a greater inclined angle. ( Tow dolly available for rental on 26' & 36' model SD Conveyor.)

Optional Add-Ons

  Under Carriage and Tow Dolly (click to view)

SD on undercarriage

With the optional under carriage or tow dolly, they (both the D and SD) are convenient to transport and set up. The undercarriage provides a ready method of elevation, making it possible to reach heights without needing to build a frame work(on select conveyors). The tow dolly allows for both transport and for manouvering into position. Both are easily removable, making it possible to insert in openings for remodeling or excavating. 


  Hoppers (click to view some of the hopper options available.)

The optional hopper add-on's can make many types of jobs much easier. The slanted sides direct incoming materials to the center of the belt making it possible for much faster loading rates than would normally be possible without a hopper. 


FROM 0° TO 43° (depending on belt style: D: 20-25°, SD: 38-43°)      
The SD and D can be used for any type of material handling job where portability and stability are a must.

Up to 100 tons per hour delivery rate (depending on power and material.)

Dirt, Rocks, Salts, Bags, Boxes, Tires, Gravel, Wood, Excavation projects, Demolition removal & clean ups, Grain Handling, Roofing Jobs, Fertilizer Stockpiling, Mining Products,  Snow Removal, Batch Plants, Oil Refineries, Cement, Slurry, Concrete Pouring, Mud Yards.. etc.


Frame Dimensions: (diagram)                                                       
Tail Depth- 9¾" - 10½"
Tail Width- 22"

Middle Depth- 9
¾" - 10½"
Middle Width- 18
¾" - 19½"

Drive Depth - 11
¾" - 15½"
Drive Width- 26"

Frame Lengths:
Lengths are 16-36 feet in 5 feet increments.
D or SD- 16 (16 feet)
D or SD- 21 (21 feet)
D or SD- 26 (26 feet)
D or SD- 31 (31 feet)
D or SD- 36 (36 feet)

NOTE: Call for availability.
We usually have other odd lengths as well.


Tow Dolly Width: 43 inches from wheel cap to wheel cap

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