C Series Conveyor

The C-Series conveyor is especially designed for steep excavation work, it is used for basement excavation, utility contracting and other earth and material applications. The narrow frame fits easily into small openings or widows making any job easier. The belt-buckets have a high capacity to eliminate material rollback at steep inclines.

**Due to the U cleat shape, some materials can lodge between the cleat and the side wall. Recommded for use with dirt or other fine materials OR items greater in size than 2 inches up to realistic maximum.**

FROM 0° TO 70°
The C- Series has a minimum of rollback due to its bucket design. Designed especially for digging basements, general excavation and construction where dirt only is being conveyed. With the optional tow dolly, they are convenient to transport and set up. They can be easily removed from the tow dolly. The C-Series fits in small window openings, manhole covers, etc.

Frame Dimensions: (diagram)
Tail Depth- up to 18"
Tail Width- 16"

Middle Depth- 14¾"

Middle Width- 12" - 12

Drive Depth - up to 18
Drive Width- 20"

Frame Lengths:
Lengths go from 16-36 feet in 5 feet increments.
C - 16 (16 feet)
C - 21 (21 feet)
C - 26 (26 feet)
C - 31 (31 feet)
C - 36 (36 feet)

NOTE: We do have some odd lengths available. Call ahead

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